MT Mechatronics GmbH – The European Mechatronic Engineering Company

Launch Pad

MT Mechatronics provides global services as prime contractor for design, development, manufacturing, systems integration and commissioning as well as training, maintenance and operations.

MT Mechatronics GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of OHB System AG, a leading supplier in the European space industry. OHB System, in turn, is part of the OHB SE Group based in Bremen, Germany.

In Chile, MT Mechatronics is represented by its subsidiary MT Mecatronica SpA., based in Viña del Mar/Agglomeration Valparaíso (northwest of Santiago).


In Italy, MT Mechatronics is repensented by its subsidiary MT Meccatronica S.r.l., based in Cagliari/Sardinia.